We help you explore Paris

Great to have you here, getting to know Paris, the capital of France and the City of Light. More than 45 million tourists visiting the city each year can´t be wrong – the city is amazing and there is a lot to explore! Our mission is to help you find fresh, interesting and surprising ways to experience Paris.

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Get to know Paris´ airports

Paris is served by multiple airports. Tourists and regular business people will use most likely either of city´s two main airports, but general aviation, private planes and budget airlines have plenty of other options too. If you´re flying to or from Paris and want to get basic overview of how Paris´ airports will serve you, this piece is for you. …

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Does Uber work in Paris?

Do you love using Uber and you´re about to travel to Paris, France? You´re probably wondering if Uber works there and if they do, what to keep in mind while using their service. First of all: As you might have heard, Uber in France has been in a lot of trouble. French taxi drivers sure didn´t take the US disruptor …

Paris weather

What´s the weather in Paris? Read about typical weather conditions in Paris throughout the year Paris is located in typical Western European oceanic climate zone. It means that weather is mild but moderately humid. Average temperatures during summer average between 59 – 77 F (15 – 25 C). Summer days in Paris are usually sunny. Even though average temperatures are …

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Paris As An Eagle Sees It

This is a real birds eye view to Paris! Sony´s camera crew strapped a small camera on the back of an eagle and let her fly out from the Eiffel Tower. Check out the video and see how the eagle – white tailed eagle, to be exact – takes off from the Eiffel Tower. She then soars across the Seine …

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Underground Paris

The city of Paris has been there for centuries. It means that for hundreds and hundreds of years the city has renewed itself and build the city layer by layer on top of itself. And the city has also extended underground: where ever you are in Paris, you are sure to have plenty of things hidden below the pavement under …

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Rare views to Paris from air

Drone videos are all the rage nowdays but this is exceptionally watch-worthy. See the video take you around Paris surroundings: castles, race car track, running with a pack of horses…and even inside of spectacular cathedrals. Ad