We help you explore Paris

Great to have you here, getting to know Paris, the capital of France and the City of Light. More than 45 million tourists visiting the city each year can´t be wrong – the city is amazing and there is a lot to explore! Our mission is to help you find fresh, interesting and surprising ways to experience Paris.

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6 days in Paris: Day 3 – Paris landmarks

On the day 3 of our 6-day trip we woke up for breakfast at 8. Usually the breakfast in French hotels consists of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, croissants, baguettes, butter, cheese and marmalade. Our hotel had the breakfast buffet: help yourself and eat as much as you like for 8 euros. After the breakfast we headed to a nearby market …

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6 days in Paris: Day 2 – From the Left Bank to Notre Dame

We ate breakfast in the hotel at 8 in the morning. Usually the best choice is to eat breakfast in the hotel, because it´s usually a bit cheaper than getting one in any downtown café. French breakfast doesn´t really classify as “continental breakfast”, but having a croissant, some marmalade and a strong cup of coffee is nevertheless a good way …

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What to do in Paris – A story of a 6-day trip

What to do in Paris? Basically anything you want, you won´t run short on options any time soon. As you have abundance of things to do and places to see, the key to a successful trip is to pick out the right combination of sights and activities. With this story we set an example of a day trip to Paris. …

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Paris-Beauvais airport – Hub for low-cost carriers

Paris Beauvais airport is an airport situated some 85 kilometers north of Paris, France. Actually the airport is called Beauvais-Tille – the airport has been labeled as Paris-Beauvais by budget airlines that fly to Beauvais instead of Orly or Charles De Gaulle airport. The airport features regular airport services in it´s 2 individual terminals. Last year, the Paris-Beaucais airport served …

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Get to know public transportation in Paris

When you are the most beautiful and interesting city in the world, you have countless opportunities to do many splendid things. The choice is yours. But first you need to figure out how to get to all those places you want to visit. Fortunately, Paris has very extensive public transportation system that will take you to any point in the …