Brasserie Lipp – a Parisian institution

The Brasserie Lipp is an institution in Paris. Currently the café, founded in 1880, is very popular among the French politicians, journalists and artists of all diciplines.

Besides typical café-brasserie offerings, here you can satisfy your hunger with traditional cookings like beef & carrots, bismarck herrings, grilled pork leg and such. The Brasserie Lipp wouldn´t be a real famous parisian café without an impressive history of famous clients who liked to frequent the place. The Lipp was popular especially among writers like Camus, Sartre and St Exupéry.

The famous haven´t abandoned the place in the modern times either. Walking in to the Lipp today you will be walking in the footseps of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jack Nicholson, Sophia Coppola and other stars of today. You could even see them sipping their coffees there today!


Adress:  151 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Opening hours:  9AM – 1 AM
How to get there:  Take the subway line 4 to the station Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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