Get to know Paris´ railway stations

Catching a train from Paris? Get to know the railway stations first and know how to operate! Paris has several railway stations that serve train lines to different parts of France and many suburban lines plus subway, of course. Read on and find the basic information and locations of every one of them.

Railway stations on a map

A: Gare de l´Est
B: Gare du Nord
C: Gare Saint Lazare
D: Gare Montparnasse
E: Gare de Lyon
F: Gare d´Austerlitz
G: Gare de Bercy

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Gare de l´Est

Gare de l´est means the east station. This station feeds trains to the eastern part of France and to neighboring Germany. Gare de l´est also serves the local trains to the eastern suburbs of Paris. Station also serves subway lines 4 and 7.

Gare de l´Est is situated in the north of the city, near the intersection of Boulevard de Magenta and Rue du Faubourg-Saint Martin. The station is really close to Gare du Nord station. Walk between the two takes only about 5 minutes.

Gare du Nord

Gare du Nord is the north station of Paris. It serves the northern parts of France and international rail lines to Belgium and the Netherlands plus some lines to Germany, too. The Eurostar train to London also arrives and departs here.

In addition to international train lines Gare du Nord also serves local traffic to northern suburbs and lines B and D of the RER-train. Subway lines 4 and 5 also have a station at Gare du Nord.

Gare du Nord is situated close to Gare de l´Est. Walking distance is only about 5 minutes.
The station is found in the northern part of Paris, on the Rue de Dunkerque.

Gare Saint-Lazare

Gare Saint-Lazare serves trains to the Normandy region on the north coast of France and local trains to western and southwestern suburbs. The E-line of RER-train has it´s station at Gare Saint-Lazare.

This station is situated on the Rue Saint-Lazare.


Gare d´Austerlitz

This station serves train lines to central France, Toulouse region and the Pyrenees. The Elipsos trains to Barcelona also use the Gare d´Austerlitz as does the RER line C for local traffic.

Gare d´Austerlitz is situated on Quai d´Austerlitz right next to river Seine in southeastern Paris.

Gare de Lyon

If you´re going to southeastern France, to the Mediterranean, to Switzerland or Italy, Gare de Lyon is your station. In addition to the long-distance trains the local RER lines A, D and trains to southern suburbs use the station.

Gare de Lyon is situated between Boulevard Diderot and Allée de Bercy in the southeastern Paris, quite close to Gare d´Austerlitz, but on the other side of the Seine.

Gare Montparnasse

Gare Montparnasse serves trains to western and southwestern France, so if your trip leads you to the Atlantic coast, this is your station. The station is also used b Elipsos trains to Madrid and Barcelona and local trains to western suburbs.

The location of Gare Montparnasse is easy to spot from any part of the city. It´s situated right next to Tour Montparnasse, the big, dark tower that rises above the city rivaling the Eiffel Tower. Actually the station is situated right under the Boulevard Pasteur in southwestern Paris.

Gare de Bercy

Gare de Bercy is situated in the southeastern corner of the city, quite close to Gare de Lyon. The station is actually supposed to serve as a relief station for Gare de Lyon, which will reach it´s capacity limits from time to time.

Gare de Bercy is also specialized to serve the auto-trains, where travelers can board their vehicles on the train. The station serves several sleeper trains (with the car-carrying option) to Italy and domestic traffic to regions of Avallon, Sens, Laroche-Mignnes and Auxeerre.

When you need to get to Gare de Bercy, take the subway line 6 or 14 and get of at Bercy station. The railway station is close to the subway.