Hostels in Paris – what to expect?

A hostel "Peace & Love" in Paris  Photo: Rachel Hobbs Source: Flickr, creative commons licenced

A hostel “Peace & Love” in Paris Photo: Rachel Hobbs Source: Flickr, creative commons licenced

Like most of European capitals, Paris has a wide selection of affordable hostels to accommodate the young backpackers. You know, Europe has a system that pumps masses of young travelers around the continent. It´s called the EuRail pass that allows traveling the continent by train for affordable price. The EuRail system pretty much guarantees that every major city in Europe has demand for affordable accommodation. Paris is no exception – otherwise rather expensive city has accommodation for you, even if you´re on a budget.


This is the average European hostel – in Paris, too!

Usually hostels in Europe fit into pretty much similar specs. Most likely your Parisian hostel has bigger dorms for several people with option to rent twin rooms for extra price. Usually hostels have shared showers, toilets and kitchen. Most likely your hostel will offer breakfast for a little price, have a shared phone, tv and internet connection.

Hostel is right for you if you´re all right with little privacy, but a lot of socializing and meeting other travelers. Usually hostels have quite laid back vibe among the customers – which is pretty much mandatory, concerning that you´ll be sharing a lot of facilities.

But let you be warned – not every hostel is comfortable, clean and cozy. So do some research before you book! We suggest checking out at least the reviews on Trip Advisor.


A typical hostel dorm.  Photo: Cybrgrl  Source: Flickr, creative commons licenced

A typical hostel dorm. Photo: Cybrgrl Source: Flickr, creative commons licenced


Where to find a hostel in Paris

You´ll find hostels basically everywhere in Paris. Every arrondissement has some.  Location shouldn´t be a problem also because the subway network will take you anywhere in no time. Instead of exact location we suggest to look for atmosphere you´ll love and level of quality you´re comfortable with.

To name a few remarkable neighborhoods: Look for youthful, fun and sociable hostels in the Latin Quarters and Montmartre. Both are youth´s favorite places to be – and Montmartre (the artistic neighborhood with the Sacre Coeur church) even has really good sceneries down to the city and up to the cathedral.



Prices for hostel accommodation vary approximately between € 18 and € 60 – the latter being charged for private, hotel-like rooms in few hostels. Usually you can get a bed in a dormitory for around € 25 per night.


Curfews, reservations and extra services

Some Parisian hostels might enforce curfews on it´s guests. It means that the doors will be locked for the night at certain time and the staff goes home. Curfews are not super-common, because it´s not good business to lock the doors for fun loving guests, so you´ll most likely find a hostel that doesn´t have it. Just remember to make sure when booking!

And when you book…book early enough! In the summer world´s young will roam Europe with their EuRail passes and hostels tend to get fully booked. Plan your trip and book early – so you can secure a place to get some rest after long day of traveling.

When comparing hostels in Paris, remember to check the level of extra services, too! Many hostels try to steal clients from their competitors with little perks, such as organized, very special tours or bicycles for rent.