This is the hottest nightclub in Paris for 2017

Nüba nightclub has gained popularity among Paris` fashionable, young trendsetters. Or hipsters, if you please. Located in the 13th arrondissement this rooftop club resides in the new club quarters, righ on top of another famous club, the Wanderlust.

Going clubbing in Paris one might be tempted to think that a strict drescode will be required and enforced in a strict manner. That is not the case here: The Nüba has none of that elitist flavor, but relaxed and andventurous atmosphere instead.

In Nüba they play usually electronic music, house etc. Sometimes there are even live concerts there. The place is pretty much perfect for a late summer night out in the city. It gets quite busy at the Nüba around midnight, but usually party goes on well into 3 am in the morning. And they won´t leave you hungry either: true to it´s “hipster” audience the joint also offers “street style burgers” directly on the terrace. And their chef´s skills let them offer also much finer food experiences.

Location on a large rooftop right next to river Seine makes Nüba an attractive party destination. The same area hosts also many other nightclubs, such as popular Wanderlust club. Concidering it´s location and proximity to other party places, Nüba is very likely to develop a proper “party headquarters” around it. Visiting Nüba this summer is highly recommended – and this recommendation will be followed by many!

See more from their website. And this is where they are:

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