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4 shopping districts you should go to in Paris

Les Halles Les Halles is a formerly huge market area that has been turned into a mall, huge subway station and great, green garden. Les Halles is situated right in the middle of the city, in the 1st arrondissement. Les Halles is the underground hub for whole Paris: 3 RER-trains stop there, bringing in people from the suburbs, couple of …

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Get to know Paris´ railway stations

Catching a train from Paris? Get to know the railway stations first and know how to operate! Paris has several railway stations that serve train lines to different parts of France and many suburban lines plus subway, of course. Read on and find the basic information and locations of every one of them. Railway stations on a map A: Gare …

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Paris hotels – what to expect?

Paris has a great variety of accommodation to choose from. You´ll find hotels with the most luxury qualities and cheap, modest hotels, which offer only the basic services. Let´s take a look at what you can expect when booking a hotel in Paris. Follow the stars and know what you get when you book France has a governmental hotel rating …

We help you explore Paris

Great to have you here, getting to know Paris, the capital of France and the City of Light. More than 45 million tourists visiting the city each year can´t be wrong – the city is amazing and there is a lot to explore! Our mission is to help you find fresh, interesting and surprising ways to experience Paris.

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6 days in Paris: Day 3 – Paris landmarks

On the day 3 of our 6-day trip we woke up for breakfast at 8. Usually the breakfast in French hotels consists of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, croissants, baguettes, butter, cheese and marmalade. Our hotel had the breakfast buffet: help yourself and eat as much as you like for 8 euros. After the breakfast we headed to a nearby market …