Paris Nightclubs You Must See

Paris is well known for many things: old churches, artists, cafés and expensive restaurants. Obviously Paris nightclubs scene is as vibrant as you can expect in a city with such magnitude: be it hipsters, elite models and rich people or sports fans, there is a place for everyone.
If you really want to experience many faces of Paris nightclub scene, here are 5 different places you should go to:


Batofar is bo no means your typical nightclub. It´s located on a lighthouse boat parked in Seine river in 13th arrondissement. It is pretty much the pioneer of Paris´ nightclub on a boat -trend that has swept over the city.
Batofar attracts the Paris´ hardcore dance music people who come in to enjoy tunes from the best DJs in the scene. Crowd is most likely about true techno and house music lovers that come in to hang out and enjoy the tunes. It´s not a place for showing off yourself, there are a lot of other venues for that in Paris, and most likely not a place to go if you´re looking for a one night stand.
Batofar is pretty much an afterparty spot where you go after dancing the night away in more…eh, spacious traditional clubs. Batofar will then keep the crowd going until the break of daylight.
Cost to get in depends on the event. Some during weekdays are free and during busier times in the weekend still less than 20 €.
Batofar can e found near 11 Quai Francois Mauriac and very close to famous Poet de Tolbiac bridge.
Closest subway station: Quai de la Gare (Line 6)

Le Truskel

You might associate a “Paris nightclub” with posh, classy, high-end venue where top models and rich people go “see and be seen”. Well Le Truskel is not that, it´s basically a pub where you go drink a lot of beer.
At Le Truskel you´ll have a lot of beer, rock music and some space to dance. Did we mention that beer is cheap? Yep, it is. That´s why a lot of young people on low budget flock in every night.
Le Truskel is located at 12 rue Feydeau in 2nd arrondissement. Closest subway station is “Bourse” on the line 3.

Queen Club

If Le Truskel is the down-to-earth, not fancy, sweaty beer joint, the Queen Club is quite the opposite. It has become known as one of the biggest gay clubs in Paris, but nowadays is one of the best nightclubs overall.
Queen Club still attracts a lot of it´s original clientele, the LGBT people, with special events, but parisians and tourists from all walks of life go there.
Queen Club is on the high-end side of Paris nightclub scene. Located right around the corner from Champs-Élysés, it´s not you low-budget, DIY, hipstered-out local bar. If you read their Tripadvisor reviews, you have plenty of one-time tourists complaining about their prices. And their bouncers, who might give you some hard time at the door. But hey, what the hell, take it as part of the experience! It´s probably nothing personal. 😃
Queen Club is a major nightclub and often features some high-caliber performers like Eric Prydz, Tiesto, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell… just to name a few.
The Queen Club can be found at 22 Rue Quentin-Baucart, 8th Arrondissement. Closest subway station: George V, Line 8


Paris has a lot to offer for the rich and famous. For a new club that wants to catch that jetset clientele it´s not going to be easy to stand out and take your place in the high-end nightclub scene. However Matignon seems to have done just that. Nowdays it´s considered one of the most elite of the VIP clubs in whole Paris.
Matignon was founded by people familiar with celebrities from Paris and all over the globe, top-level artists, designers and other urban professionals. This elite crowd is just who Matignon desires to serve. So if you´re part of international jetset crowd, you probably know this place already. And if you´re not, you might want to just taste that life a bit and visit the place.
If you want to get in and experience Matignon, it´s probably wise to check before you go. Because they have private events quite often. And even when they don´t, it´s probably not that easy to get it. So take it as a once in a lifetime challenge!
Matignon can be found at 3 Ave Matignon, 8th Arrondissement,
closest subway station is Franklin D Roosevelt (Lines 1 and 9)



Wanderlust is a huge in- and outdoor nightclub on the bank of Seine river in Paris. Area is large, over 1 600 square meters, par of it outside on a huge terrace, making it ideal place to spend hot summer nights.
Wanderlust is kind of trendy place for “fashionistas”, but not in the exclusive jetset type of fashionistas. The place is located in the newly formed “hipster” area and draws it´s clientele from that kind of crowd.
Music in Wanderlust will be most likely house, electro and disco – featuring France´s top performers and DJs in those scenes.
Wanderlust is not quiet at daytime either: they have for example fashion workshops for children and yoga for grown ups.
Go there and enjoy dancing under the sky on a warm summer night, after tasting the currently hot hipster neighbourhood around it.
Wanderlust can be found at 32 Quai d´Austerlitz in 13th Arrondissement.
Closes subway station is at Gare d`Austerlitz, lines 5 and 10.

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