Paris weather

What´s the weather in Paris? Read about typical weather conditions in Paris throughout the year

Paris is located in typical Western European oceanic climate zone. It means that weather is mild but moderately humid. Average temperatures during summer average between 59 – 77 F (15 – 25 C). Summer days in Paris are usually sunny. Even though average temperatures are mild, every year Parisians witness temperatures over 90 F for a period of time. Even prolonged heat waves are not completely uncommon. (In worst cases temperatures surging up to 104 F for weeks.)

Spring and autumn weather is usually mild but unstable. Periods of either surprisingly warm or cold weather can occur.

Average winter in Paris can be described as having “50 shades of grey”.Temperature usually stays above freezing, around 40-45 F. Below freezing temperatures can happen, but days that cold are generally limited to few days a year. Sometimes Paris gets a little bit of snow, but it rarely stays on the ground for long.

On the average rain in Paris is distributed evenly throughout the whole year. However summer days sometimes see random heavy showers.


Coldest temperature ever recorded in Paris is -23,9 C / -11 F in December 1879
Highest ever recorded temperature is 40,4 C / 104,7 F recorded in July 1948

Paris weather in April

In April temperatures in Paris vary between 45 F / 7,3 C and 60 F / 15,6 C. However locals´ and travellers´ experiences usually say that April is on the “winterish” side: gray, cold wind, some rain. So definetely bring gloves, an umbrella and proper jacket if you´re heading there is April. Though statistics say that April is on the sunnier side – mean monthly sunshine being average of 166 hours. (Sunniest summer months around more that 200 hours.)

To summarize Paris weather in April let´s just say one thing: It´s a hit or miss. Rain and chilly weather can be expected so don´t be caught unprepared and bring your jackets and umbrellas if you choose to travel in april!

Paris weather in May

In May Paris´ weather starts to turn warmer as summer is getting closer and closer. In May Paris is blooming after gloomy winter is over at last.

Average temperature climbs from April´s 11,5 C / 52,7 F to around 15 C / 59 F. Rather surprisingly statistics tell that despite weather getting warmer it´s actually more rainy than in April. Though Paris gets couple of days worth of more sunlight than in April.

In short: If you´re traveling to Paris in May, you might start getting more sunny days. But definetely bring your umbrella and proper shoes for rainy weather. After all May is surprisingly rainier than even some of the winter months!

Paris weather in June

Even though central European summer is at it´s peak in August, June is definetely a summer month in Paris. Average temperatures take a hike of several degrees, hours of sunlight increase and average rainfall drops significantly. Daily mean tempereature in June is 18,3 C / 64,9 F. And Paris gets roughly 202 hours of sunlight in June!

But be prepared! And this goes practically for all seasons. Paris weather can be full of surprises: might be warm, might get chilly. Rain showers are also common.