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This is the hottest nightclub in Paris for 2017

Nüba nightclub has gained popularity among Paris` fashionable, young trendsetters. Or hipsters, if you please. Located in the 13th arrondissement this rooftop club resides in the new club quarters, righ on top of another famous club, the Wanderlust. Going clubbing in Paris one might be tempted to think that a strict drescode will be required and enforced in a strict …

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Paris In Winter: 4 things to see and do

Winter is definitely not the most popular time to visit Paris and weather is, no doubt, much nicer in the summer. However a big city as Paris is, always offers plenty of activities – also indoors. Visiting Paris during low season definitely has it´s good sides: plane- and train tickets to go there are cheaper. hotel and Airbnb prices are …

Paris weather

What´s the weather in Paris? Read about typical weather conditions in Paris throughout the year Paris is located in typical Western European oceanic climate zone. It means that weather is mild but moderately humid. Average temperatures during summer average between 59 – 77 F (15 – 25 C). Summer days in Paris are usually sunny. Even though average temperatures are …

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Great to have you here, getting to know Paris, the capital of France and the City of Light. More than 45 million tourists visiting the city each year can´t be wrong – the city is amazing and there is a lot to explore! Our mission is to help you find fresh, interesting and surprising ways to experience Paris.